We strive to be the regions best
business municipality

Haderslev Business Council (HER) is a business organization, that create business to business across the professions and industries and between members of Haderslev Business Council.



  • to promote business in Haderslev municipality
  • to cooperate with relevant associations, organizations and authorities

  • to contribute to strengthening the development in the region and promote the economic growth



Haderslev Business Council works to actively promote business throughout Haderslev municipality.


In conjunction with the municipality, Haderslev Business Councils goal is to ensure the best possible conditions for companies in Haderslev municipality by focusing on
the four strategic directions: innovation, knowledge, vision and experience. 
The development is progressing through enhanced consultation, network, communication, projects and partnerships.



Haderslev Business Council is available to discuss your business solutions.

Please contact us at +45 7353 1400 or email us at info@her.dk

or use the Enquiry form to arrange a call.