About Haderslev Business Council

Haderslev Business Council is the link between the local authority and business community. Haderslev Business Council is an organisation that works with Haderslev Kommune to promote Haderslev’s business community.


Haderslev Business Council offers a range of business services to its members that includes advisory services, sparring, information and contacts. Our services help to fortify our members’ companies. Members have access to a strong network and our competent partners.


Haderslev Business Council focuses on four strategic paths:

experience, information, vision and innovation, all four of which help to make Haderslev municipality a stronger business municipality. 


Haderslev Business Council is known locally by its acronym, HER. HER is a professional forum that promotes B2B and business development for all kinds of branches and professions in Haderslev municipality.



  • To optimise local conditions for Haderslev’s business community
  • To work with relevant associations, organisations and authorities
  • To play a part in boosting business development and economic growth in this area
  • To maintain existing companies in and attract new businesses to this area.



Our principal goal is to optimise and develop conditions under which local businesses can grow. We focus on innovation, knowledge, vision and experience. We provide highly professional advisory and communication services and foster effective networks, projects and partnerships. 


Do you have questions? Call us on +45 7353 1400 or send an email to info@her.dk.


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